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" Individualized " Computer Generated Shoe & Boot Lasts

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Shoes for the 21st Century

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Shoe Lasts for Individual Feet:

DigiLast can supply Customized Shoe Lasts to the individual customer. However, we are not making any shoes at this time.

You can view the DigiLast Line Sheet with photos of the 34 Models in this collection of Digitally Mastered Shoe and Boot Lasts. These models are all Classic Styles, many with a Traditional European Fashion Influence.

These lasts can be made in many different Industry Standard Size and Width Combinations, or as Bespoke Custom Lasts, including Extra Depth for Orthotics, and 2 Different Sizes for Individual Feet.

Sizes & Widths:
Men: 6-16 Widths: AA-A-B-C-D-E-EE-EEE
Women: 3-13 Widths: AAA-AA-A-B-C-D-E-EE

The Digital Collection is distributed by ShoeSchool.

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View & Print - DigiLast Catalog of Shoe Lasts

This is the DigiLast story:

In 1985 I started my business Digitoe Inc., to develop the Proprietary Know-How and Technology for my vision of being able to make my own Custom Shoe Lasts using computers. It was impossible for an individual Shoe Craftsman to find a steady source of supply for small quantities of shoe lasts. I intended to change that situation.

I pursued the DigiLast Dream with passion and financial commitment for the next 12 years, until 1997 when it became a reality, and I was able to produce my own customized shoe lasts, made for the individual foot. Digitoe.com, DigiLast.com and Shoemakers.com were launched on the Internet.

People flew here from all over the world to have custom lasts and shoes made. It was totally overwhelming, to say the least.

My business plan at that time included setting up Retail Fitting Centers in 10 major cities in North America and to supply my clients with personalized shoe lasts and footwear. As a Custom Shoemaker, being able to control the process and make Customized Shoe Lasts on my own gave me the competitive edge in the marketplace.

In 1999 the stress of dealing with all the eMail correspondence and clients that were coming to us via the Internet, making the lasts, making the shoes, managing the growth of the business, contracts, lawyers, trying to collect bad debts from shoe companies, etc. etc. etc.... finally the stress got me down and my health was suffering. I decided to put the business on hold and take a break.

Now 10 years later I am in fine health. However, I am now 64 years old and don't have the ambition to set up and manage a large cottage industry workshop for making shoes, plus running a business with retail outlets, and lots of employees, etc. etc....

So, I have decided to make DigiLast Customized Shoe Lasts available to the General Public by selling them directly to individual customers. Once a person owns a pair of shoe lasts they can go anywhere they wish to find a Shoemaker to make their shoes. It is a revolutionary concept that has never been available in the retail marketplace, and will potentially help lots of people solve their shoe fitting problems.

Traditionally a Shoemaker would find some inexpensive used lasts, with a fixed style for which they had no control. Then they would need to modify them to fit the customers feet and style preferences. Last Modification is a very time consuming and complex challenge that requires skill, training and experience, not commonly available.

Starting with a DigiLast Customized Last means that the customer invests in a last that is the style of their choice and made for their feet, so that all their shoes made on that last will fit the same. The other major benefit is that the Shoemaker isn't required to spend nearly as much time and effort to modify a last to the exact fit preference of the customer.


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