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ShoeSchool Model Last Library

Designer Models / Size Runs

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Men / Women / Unisex
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Hiker - Dress - Casual
Work - Comfort - Sandal

ShoeSchool has created a Basic Model Library for Designers, Students, Craftsmen, to order one pair at-a-time or small size runs of shoe lasts, without having to pay a Model Creation Fee.

Industry Standard Shoe Lasts are created for each shoe company and are not available on the open market, to the general public.

Shoe last companies only sell to manufacturers or people that can purchase a minimum of 100 pair per style, in one width. This has made it impossible for individuals to have access to Industry Standard Shoe Lasts.

ShoeSchool established a cooperative relationship with Hormas El Arbol Last Company in Mexico, to supply our Students and Craftsmen with shoe lasts at a reasonable price.

For Details and Assistance in placing orders contact ShoeSchool directly.


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Purchasing Shoe Lasts from ShoeSchool

Ordering Process

Step 1... Purchase a CD Digital Publication "Developing Shoe Last Collections".

See Rebate Offer for Ordering Shoe Lasts

Step 2... The First Section of the publication covers all the basic information you will need to understand, before you can purchase shoe lasts, no matter where you may choose to buy them.

Step 3... The Second Section of the publication works as a Shoe Last Catalog and Order Form.

Print the pages for each shoe last you wish to order.

Step 4... Fill in the Sizes, Hinge and Metal Trimmings Options.

Step 5... Check the Price List for the current cost for shoe lasts and shipping.

Price List Provided Separately

Step 6... Transfer the Totals from the individual pages, to the Order Form supplied with the Price List.

Step 7... Send the Completed Order Form, along with a Bank Certified Check for the Full Payment, including Shipping to ShoeSchool.

Current Shoe Last
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Developing Shoe Last Collections

Reference Manual / Catalog

Men / Women / Unisex / Children

Hiker - Dress - Casual - Work - Comfort
Sandal - Athletic

Example of Page Details for Each Shoe Last

Information Includes:
Color Photos
Glossary of Terms
Measurement Charts
Foot Measuring Tips
Last Modifications
Basic Collections

Complete Details & Ordering Information for Each Shoe Last in the ShoeSchool Model Library

View Shoe Last
Ordering Information

Payment Options


$ 30 Rebate Offer

Receive a $ 30 Rebate with your first order for shoe lasts from ShoeSchool

Within 90 Days of Purchase of CD ROM

Offer subject to the availability of shoe last resources to ShoeSchool.The global changes in the shoe industry have limited the number of shoe last manufacturers. We can only redeem this rebate offer if we have a source of supply at that time.

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View Sample Publication pdf

CD Catalog

View Shoe Last
Ordering Information

ShoeSchool CD ROM Digital Publications

Require Acrobat Reader for Viewing & Printing

Adobe Acrobat Reader is Included on CD

Free Acrobat Reader Download Available from Adobe



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